Spring Chicken

documentary short

Anny Junek, a 94-year-old Holocaust survivor, loves dressing up for the Jewish holiday of Purim. In fact, she’s the four-time champion of her Israeli retirement home's annual costume contest (as a bride, a Smurf, a doctor, and a handyman). After losing her parents in Auschwitz and surviving Bergen-Belsen, Anny settled in Mexico where she grew her family. Now a great-grandmother in Israel, Anny and her family have hatched a plan for a fifth win: a chicken costume. 

Spring Chicken is a short documentary which follows Anny through her last ever Purim costume contest, as she prepares to defend her crown.


Directed & Produced
Tamir Elterman

David Alexander
Tamir Elterman

Michael Miroshnik
Ed Ou
Tamir Elterman

Tomer Bahat

Sound Design
Gal Lev

Assa Raviv
Phillip Guyler